DollylocksPODP_logoWe are a proud affiliate of the Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock System. We use only their methods and products to ensure your dreads are happy and healthy. Dreadlocks should be clean, smell great, be non-damaging, and tidy enough to wear anywhere in the workforce. We will show you proper care and maintenance so your dreads always look great without the use of beeswax, a flaky scalp, or other unfavorable issues. Now you can leave the salon with beautiful new dreads in just one day! No year long wait.

New Natural Dreadlocks

Dollylocks dreadlocking system is a revolutionary permanent dreadlocking system that uses the material Cysteamine HCL, which has the same natural characteristics as the hair’s own keratin (a major protein in hair). It actually helps improve the structure of hair; while locking hair into perfectly formed dreadlocks.

-No ammonia or ammonia derivatives

-No thioglycolates or thioglycolate derivatives

-No sodium hydroxide or lithium hydroxide

-No animal ingredients

-Not tested on animals

-Contains certified organic ingredients

-Gentle; made with plant amino acids

-Naturally pH balanced with Cysteamine HCL

(This previous paragraph section is a direct copy of Dollylocks Dreadlocking System verbage and printed materials)

New Dreadlock Cost:

Short to medium length- $300-$400 (average) and up.

Medium to long length- $400-$500 (average) and up.

Dreadlock Maintenance

As your hair grows, maintenance is needed to tidy up any loose and frizzy new growth and keep your dreadlocks growing tidy and easy to care for at home. Dollylocks’ method of crochet hook maintenance, combined with the products, is used to clean up any loose or free natural hair, and keep it in check so it knows where to go. Well taken care of dreads usually require 2–3 hours of maintenance quarterly over a year. If you are a busy bee or very carefree with home maintenance it could take 4–5 hours of salon maintenance to correct tangled and loose hair, repair dreads that may need resectioned, or fix bulging and looping.

Maintenance Cost

$60/hour and up

Dreadlock Home Care

Home care is essential for great smelling and looking locks! Our certified Dollylocks experts can show you what you need and how to use it based on your hair type. Different products work for different hair types, different environments, and lifestyles; so we have plenty of options to choose from.

Dreadlock Extensions

Coming soon!

We are super duper picky about our work- so we will not make you our guinea pigs. We are in the process of perfecting and certifying in the Dollylocks extension methods and we can’t wait to bring the best Dreadlock extensions to Des Moines and Clive later this year!

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