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L’Oreal Proffessionnel Color

Coloring techniques done differently for each client to ensure an individual result to exceed your expectations.  INOA ammonia free permanent color certified.  Salon owner is a L’Oreal Professionnel Color Artist/Educator and each stylist has extensive training in our European color.

Multi-dimensional highlights

Balayage, hair painting,  Sweet meche, or Foiling techniques- up to two colors included. Shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and blowout included.

  • Face frame-$42 and up
  • Surface-$62 and up
  • 3/4 head-$80 and up
  • Full head-$98 and up

All over color

Shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and blowout included.

  • Rich and even permanent or demi color-$70 and up
  • Platinium plus lightener or Platinum ammonia free lightener- $88 and up

Color retouch- base color new growth. Shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and blowout included.

  • Permanent or demi color-$50 and up
  • Platinium plus lightener or Platinum ammonia free lightener-$68 and up


Double Process Color

Shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and blowout included.

  • All over color with face frame highlight-$91 and up
  • All over color with surface highlight-$101 and up
  • All over color with 3/4 head highlight-$115 and up
  • All over color with full head highlight-$133 and up
  • Color retouch with face frame highlight-$71 and up
  • Color retouch with surface highlight-$87 and up
  • Color retouch with 3/4 head highlight-$105 and up
  • Color retouch with full head highlight-$123 and up


Vivid color techniques

If your hair is not pre-lightened; this will require at least one lightening process, sometimes two. Then vivid color is applied over lightened hair in the desired technique. Includes shampoo, condition,scalp massage, and blowout.

  • Vivid accents-$42 and up
  • Vivid accents with one lightening process-$63 and up
  • Vivid accents with two lightening processes-$84 and up
  • All over vivid-$70 and up
  • All over vivid with one lightening process-$123 and up
  • All over vivid with two lightening processes-$167 and up


Men’s gray blending-

$30 and up

Men’s highlight

$42 and up

Color Upgrades

-Toning, overlays, extra shine, and  treatments
all treatments are ala-carte priced, shampoo and blowout not included.

Photo gloss– translucent glosses with a vinyl like shine additive creating a polished finish $25

Olaplex-a bond multiplier and perfector that makes your hair stronger and healthier by keeping your hair’s bonds linked together during the coloring process. Can also be used all over the hair by itself for an intense bond reconstructing service to renew damage and give your hair a “restart” button before color or a blowout. The cosmetic effect of Olaplex results in strong hair that holds up to combing. Olaplaex does not provide a silky moisturized effect, or shine, or weigh down the hair.

  • Olaplaex add-in for color No.1 and pre-shampoo No.2 treatment-$25
  • Olaplex all over treatment No.1 and pre-shampoo  N0.2 treatment-short or medium length hair $50 , long thick hair $70



L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Treatments

A technology that replaces the hair’s lost lipids and proteins from the core to surface. Prescriptive depending on hair type and damage. The benefits last 10 or more shampoos. Expect a shiny, healthy, smooth result.

  • Powerdose Contrast- for highlighted hair and shine $18
  • Powerdose Absolut Lipidium- for dry, brittle, and moisture starved hair $18
  • Powerdose Kera-recharge-  for weak highlighted hair that needs strength and shine without weight $18
  • Volumetry- Mineral infusing treatment for immediate volume and texture to fine hair to make styling at home easier $18
  • Cristalcuetic- Color protecting treatment with shine to keep color vibrancy and protect from Ultra-violet rays. $18
  • Fibercuetic- CPR for extreme damaged hair. Intracyline stops breakage in its tracks. Recommended every 10 shampoos for hair with active breakage. Customized formulas for fine or thick hair.-1 treatment $35, 6 treatment package- the anti-cut solution $180


Olaplex add in with powerdose- $40

Extra color mixed for length or thickness- $18

Brow tint- $8

Hair Chalking-L’Oreal liquid temporary accent colors sealed in to last a few shampoos- $15 and up

Color Correction

Expert removal of existing color; formulation & application of new color for a desired result.$50/hr and up. Free Consultations.


designed to flow with head-shape, face-shape,& lifestyle. Shampoo, scalp massage, condition, and blowout or style included. 

  • Women- $33 and up
  • Treatment cut- prescribed powerdose conditioning treatment and haircut- $51 and up
  • Men- $22 and up
  • Beard trim- $10 and up
  • Bang trim/neck trim- Complimentary to existing customers
  • Child Guests- Our younger cliientele get all the same special treatment and appointment times. Prices are the same as women’s and men’s haircuts.[/one_sixth]

Blowout & Styling-

Blowouts include a shampoo, scalp massage,condition and style. Ponys, Braiding, and Special Occasion styling do not include a wash and dry.

  • Blowout- thermal brush styling for polished, controlled body. Smooth or with bouncy waves- $24 and up
  • Treatment Blowout- prescribed powerdose conditioning treatment,thermal brush styling for polished, controlled body. Smooth or with bouncy waves-$42 and up
  • Blowout Plus- thermal brush styling plus flat iron, curling iron, or styling with heat tools- $44 and up
  • Perfect pony- Sleek swept back, or volumized like “Bridget”- $30 and up
  • Braiding- Boho, or Renaissance-$30 and up
  • Special Occasion- “Set” up to wear down, or  pinned up, both event worthy-$55 and up
  • Special Occasion Bride- Extra time, and extra touches to steal the show- $65

Texture and Wave

Modern chemical waving to create natural looking permanent curl from beachy to corkscrew textures.

  • Spot perming to touch up straight pieces in curly hair-$42 and up
  • Full head perming customized to desired results-$70 and up


Smoothing and Straightening

Keratin based chemical treatments to transform frizz and curl. Brazilian Blowout Certified.

Brazilian Blowout Original Formula Acai Professional smoothing solution- Creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Can soften curl temporarily until it washes out, but does not straighten. Results in smooth, frizz free hair with radiant shine.

  • Hair to shoulders-$200 and up
  • Hair past shoulders-$300 and up
  • Opti-Smooth cold smoothing-  Curl redefinition to smooth curl, add shine, and reduce frizz-$90 and up
  • Opti-Smooth  permanent heat straightening-Reduce volume, eliminate frizz, and permanently straighten hair-$230 and up



We use and sell Youngblood cosmetics to create any look from natural to daring. The pure and finely milled luxury mineral ingredients are healthy and natural for your skin.

-Paraben free- -cruelty free- -talc free- -fragrance free- -oil free-  We use advanced application techniques, countouring, and continue makeup education to keep up on current techniques.

  • Touch up-$15
  • Full application-$35
  • Lesson-$50



  • Eyebrows $15
  • Lip $12
  • Combination $22
  • Chin $15 

WE CAN COME TO YOU! On site work for hairstyling and makeup services for weddings, events, and photoshoots available. Minimum required. Please call for details.