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We use only premium products. We insist on top level education. Our promise is we will never cut quality to cut cost. With our top shelf brands, combined with our intensive ongoing in salon and abroad training; your stylist has everything required to produce amazing results.
All color services include our 5 minute scalp massage and signature blowout.

One Step Color
• Retouch- level 1-$52, lv 1+-54.50, lv 2-57, lv 2+-59, lv 3-62, lv 3+-64,lv 4-67
• All Over- level 1-$72, lv 1+-74, lv 2-77, lv 2+-79, lv 3-82, lv 3+-84,lv 4-87
• Collection techniques- this season’s placement change-up to create multi-tone accents- add $15
• For lightener instead of color on a retouch or all over- add $18
Balayage, Meche, Thermal paper, or Foiling techniques
• Face Frame- level 1-$44, lv 1+-47, lv 2-51, lv 2+-54, lv 3-58, lv 3+-61,lv 4-65
• Surface- level 1-$64, lv 1+-67, lv 2-71, lv 2+-74, lv 3-78, lv 3+-81,lv 4-85
• 3/4 head- level 1-$82, lv 1+-85, lv 2-89, lv 2+-92, lv 3-96, lv 3+-99,lv 4-103
• Full head- level 1-$100, lv 1+-103, lv 2-107, lv 2+-110, lv 3-114, lv 3+-117,lv 4-122
Fluid hair painting
Highlights done on a table while you lounge back and relax. This angle allows us to create the perfect natural color placement unique to your head and hair due to the gradient. The newest and most natural looking application.
• Surface- level 1-$80, lv 1+-83, lv 2-87, lv 2+-90, lv 3-94, lv 3+-97,lv 4-101
• 3/4 head- level 1-$100, lv 1+-103, lv 2-107, lv 2+-120, lv 3-114, lv 3+-117,lv 4-121
• Full head- level 1-120, lv 1+-123, lv 2-127, lv 2+-130, lv 3-134, lv 3+-137,lv 4-141
Double Process Color
When you receive more than one color service during your visit we only charge you 50% of your second lesser priced color service. This example is based off of our level one stylist’s pricing.
• All over color with face frame highlight-$93 and up
• All over color with surface highlight-$103 and up
• All over color with 3/4 head highlight-$117 and up
• All over color with full head highlight-$135 and up
• Color retouch with face frame highlight-$73 and up
• Color retouch with surface highlight-$89 and up
• Color retouch with 3/4 head highlight-$107 and up
• Color retouch with full head highlight-$125 and up
Vivid color techniques with Elumen
• High-performance oxidant-free hair color
• For extra luminous, shining and lasting hair colors
• Without peroxide or ammonia
If your hair is not pre-lightened; this will require at least one lightening process, sometimes two. Then vivid color is applied over lightened hair in the desired technique. Elumen lasts longer than other vivid colors on the market with a treatment high gloss effect. This example is based on our level one stylist pricing.
• Vivid accents-$49 and up
• Vivid accents with one lightening process-$70 and up
• Vivid accents with two lightening processes-$91 and up
• All over vivid-$82 and up
• All over vivid with one lightening process-$135 and up
• All over vivid with two lightening processes-$179 and up
• Elumen PREP- for porous hair to create a richer more even color result- $8
• Elumen LOCK-Reduces bleeding or color transfer of high vivid tones-$12
Men’s Reshade
A gray blending, five minute color applied at the shampoo bowl- $20
Men’s highlight
Quick, hand pieced in lightener for hair too short to fuss with foil-
level 1-$44, lv 1+-47, lv 2-51, lv 2+-54, lv 3-58, lv 3+-61,lv 4-65
Color Upgrades:
Nectaya haircolor- Do you tend to be color sensitive, or are you wanting the most natural color experience possible with a high performance result? We have it. You’ll Love it. Ask for the Nectaya experience. –retouch upgrade $5 -all over color upgrade $10
• Without ammonia
• Uncompromising performance of a permanent color: Up to 100% grey coverage
• The first ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair
• Up to 91 % ingredients of natural origin -including water
• Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil and 100 % natural fragrance
Elumen haircolor- A deposit only permanent color with a treatment effect that shines like glass.
retouch or gloss upgrade $7 -all over color upgrade $14
• High-performance oxidant-free hair color
• For extra luminous, shining and lasting hair colors
• Without peroxide or ammonia

New Blonde
New Blonde Full Service combined with the classical highlights service:
• softens harsh contrasts for an unbeatable natural blonde look -$25
New Blonde Regrowth Service in-between highlighting services-$25 plus blowout price

Photo gloss– shiny, conditioning, and toning color gloss for creating a polished finish $25
Silklift drops – Goldwell’s patented Conditioning Serum Concentrate for extra Care with SilkproteinComplex and IntraLipid. This is the stuff that great highlights are made from. An absolutely shiny, soft, and stengthed result. -$25
Olaplex-a bond multiplier and perfector that makes your hair stronger and healthier by keeping your hair’s bonds linked together during the coloring process. Can also be used all over the hair by itself for an intense bond reconstructing service to renew damage and give your hair a “restart” button before color or a blowout. The cosmetic effect of Olaplex results in strong hair that holds up to combing. Olaplaex does not provide a silky moisturized effect, or shine, or weigh down the hair.
• Olaplaex add-in for color No.1 and pre-shampoo No.2 treatment-$25
• Olaplex all over treatment No.1 and pre-shampoo No.2 treatment-short or medium length hair $50 , long thick hair $70
Goldwell DualSenses Intensive Treatments
Professional strength leave in serums prescribed based on your hair’s needs for immediate results that don’t add time to your schedule with a color protectant that lasts up to 22 washes- $15
Goldwell Kerasilk Luxury Treatments
Kerasilk Reconstruct Service provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly supple and healthy-looking hair for up to 10 washes. Enriched with engineered Keratin, lightweight silk and Hyaloveil™. -$25
Kerasilk Repower Volume provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly bodified hair for up to 10 washes. Enriched with engineered Keratin, lightweight silk and Elastin-$25
Kerasilk Color Beautifying Service provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly beautified and brilliantly colored hair for up to 6 weeks longer. Enriched with engineered Keratin, lightweight silk and Tamanu Oil-$25

Oribe Treatments
Signature Scalp & Hair Treatment-An indulgent experience using gold lust massage oil to purify and hydrate the scalp, followed by a shampoo, finished with an Oribe masque treatment-$18
Masques-Substitute your regular conditioner with an intensive masque based on your hair’s needs for an improvement in your hair and a treat to your senses $6
Olaplex or Silklift add in with, dualsenses, or Oribe Treatment- $40
Extra color mixed for length or thickness- $18
Brow tint- $10

Lash tint $25
Keracolor Clenditioning

This product adds a temporary color effect; from silver to dark purple. It lasts several washes and is a fun change up from your regular blond hair or highlights. Perfect for festival hair or a week in Vegas. Blowout not included.

One color-$10 • Color melt- 2-3 color-$35 • 5 section unicorn multi-color-$60
Color Correction
Expert removal of existing color; formulation & application of new color for a desired result.Price by the services required to complete the result. An average cost of $150-$300. Free Consultations.
Woman’s Haircutting
Cut services include our 5 minute scalp massage and signature blowout.
Women- level 1-$35, lv 1+-38, lv 2-41, lv 2+-44, lv 3-49, lv 3+-52,lv 4-55
• Treatment cut- prescribed dualsenses or Oribe conditioning treatment and haircut- add $18-$20 to haircut price
• Bang trim/neck trim- Complimentary to existing customers
• Child Guests- Our younger clientele get all the same special treatment and appointment times. Prices are the same as women’s and men’s haircuts. Junior stylist prices available for girls and boys 11 and under $20, & $18; no shampoo.

Men’s Cutting
A haircut that combines many methods of cutting including modern men’s haircut training and more traditional clipper cutting for fades, hard parts, and line ups when requested. Includes a wash, Hot towel upon request, 5 minute scalp massage, and rinse. We are dedicated to an elevated men’s haircut experience including barber chairs.
• Men- level 1-$24, lv 1+-26, lv 2-28, lv 2+-29.50, lv 3-31.50, lv 3+-33,lv 4-35
• Child Guests- Our younger clientele get all the same special treatment and appointment times. Prices are the same as women’s and men’s haircuts.
Blowout & Styling
Blowouts include a shampoo, scalp massage, condition and style. Ponys, Braiding, and Special Occasion styling do not include a wash and dry.
• Blowout- thermal brush styling for polished, controlled body. Smooth or with bouncy waves- level 1-$26, lv 1+-27, lv 2-28, lv 2+-29, lv 3-30, lv 3+-31,lv 4-35
• Blowout Plus- thermal brush styling plus flat iron, curling iron, or styling with heat tools- add $20 to blowout price
• Pony, Braiding, or quick styling under 30 minutes on dry hair, no wash included-$30
• Special Occasion- “Set” up to wear down, or pinned up, both event worthy- level 1-$57, lv 1+-58, lv 2-60, lv 2+-61, lv 3-63, lv 3+-65,lv 4-70
• Special Occasion Bride- Extra time, and extra touches to steal the show- add $10 to special occasion style price.

Smoothing and Straightening

Brazilian Blowout Certified.
Brazilian Blowout Original Formula Acai Professional smoothing solution- Creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Can soften curl temporarily until it washes out, but does not straighten. Results in smoother, frizz free hair with radiant shine.
• Hair to shoulders-$200 and up
• Hair past shoulders-$300 and up

The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service provides long-lasting transformation into per-
fectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3–5 months. The secret: high-performing
KeraShapeTechnology. The most control of curl and texture that we offer.

•Hair to shoulders-$250 and up

•Hair past shoulders $375 and up

Hair Extensions
Thinking about extensions? Whether you are wanting to accent your look or make a big change; We offer every price range and type of extension you would need. Check out our hair extensions page for all of the details!
We are a proud affiliate of the Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock System. We use only their methods and products to ensure your dreads are happy and healthy. Dreadlocks should be clean, smell great, be non-damaging, and tidy enough to wear anywhere in the workforce. We will show you proper care and maintenance so your dreads always look great without the use of beeswax, a flaky scalp, or other unfavorable issues. Now you can leave the salon with beautiful new dreads in just one day! No year long wait. Check out our dreadlocks page for more details!

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions

Your ultimate answer for longer, thicker, more beautiful-looking eyelashes. Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes, each Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extension is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance. Using a proprietary adhesive, Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are only applied by a trained and certified Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist. Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants. Safe and comfortable to wear, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid. With routine touchups every two to four weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.

Full Set of Top Lashes- $200 • Touchups-$75 • Extra Lashes for a longer touch up or an every single lash set-$50 upgrade


We have 2 stylists that attended extensive makeup training in Chicago who also train other stylists in the art of the perfect application.

Full application-$35 and up

Bride application-$50 and up

Airbrush-$85 and up

Nufree Waxing

A hair-removal system similar to waxing except it doesn’t contain any wax, honey or sugar and is antibacterial and antimicrobial, perfect for sensitive skin.

Brows-$15 • Lip-$12 • Brows & lip-$22 • Chin-$16

Brow Sculpting

Tweezing the perfect shape-$15